TWO39 LIFE offers a unique art experience for forward thinking fashion lovers by providing the best local art apparel. Our mission at TWO39 LIFE is creating-one-of-a-kind, wearable art with imagination, ingenuity and innovation in mind. Our brand is proud to collaborate with local Southwest Florida artists. Through our store, artists have the unique ability to showcase their art and collaborate in a creative community.

WHY. Our goal is to highlight and advocate for artists in the Southwest Florida region.

WHAT. TWO39 LIFE is our name and clothing brand. Outside of our own artwork, we are a community of like-minded artists creating a unique fashion experience. TWO39 LIFE is a collaborative, creative effort consisting of multiple brands represented by multiple artists.

WHO. TWO39 LIFE is a brand branch from TWO39 GROUP, LLC. located in Bonita Springs, Florida.
The mission of TWO39 is to leverage social entrepreneurship and highly motivated teams to achieve economic prosperity for shareholders, customers, employees, and the local community. Our brands successfully embody the essential triangle of business: people, process, and technology and extreme commitment to these equilateral principles.